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EDCNB gives a hand for those left behind...

Alone Again – Widowed

When a big part of who you are
is no long there to see you through.

Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life.
– Anne Hathaway

Patty McClure sat solemnly holding a now cold cup of “hot” tea. Its flavor of just right Earl Grey sat dull and flat and unobserved in the cup. Patty noticed the cup in her hand, and casually set it on the coffee table. She pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped the blanket around her for some measure of warmth, hoping to ebb the cold hard feeling of empty loss. Patty’s husband of 35-years, the late, great Robert James McClure had been out riding a bike like he always did in the early mornings. But that morning he did not make it back – for hours, for an eternity.

Visits with Chloe and her daughter...

Though a full month had passed since that fateful morning, it seemed forever ago. The very nice officer had shown up at her door to tell her that Robert had been in an accident. It seemed someone had swiped him (probably texting) and he lost control, fell, hit his head on the curb… and now he was gone. The life insurance policy was more than generous to care for Patty but it did not fix the ache, nor handle the unopened bills that Rob always saw to. Money can’t buy healing. Would life ever feel normal again…

Learning to live…again.

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB)eases the burden of widows by working with people in Patty’s shoes to prioritize the activities that need to be handled and quickly providing a road-map for their finances. EDCNB becomes a caring and understanding advocate for them during a very difficult period and can maintain the relationship to ensure they have the luxury of time for more important things – like living.

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) makes the McClure life – livable.

Visits with Chloe and her daughter...

Patty has several months under her belt. Their grown children (Chloe and Sam) have scheduled regular visits to bring the grandkids (just the idea brings daily smiles to Patty’s face), and life is finding its own new rhythms. One less burden to tackle with EDCNB managing the “money-stuff” that Robert always handled before, has given her the freedom to just… heal. She is going to make it. Through this unexpected and never-would-have-chose-it path she now walks, she will not only survive, she will thrive.


1. What kind of road map would you develop with me? It's hard for me to think too far into the future right now.

We will look at specific information on income and expenses. From that we will provide a clear road map that demonstrates where the money comes from and goes to. As changes occur we will update it.

2. How could EDCNB advise me on making the most of my life insurance payout? I know you aren't an investment firm, but what advice or professional connections do you have to assist me with this?

We do not provide advice on insurance, investments, taxes or any other area that is taken care of by one of your professional advisors. If you do not have one, we will provide you with 3 referrals sources.

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