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EDCNB gives a hand to the supporting families facing illness...

Special Needs

Life can change
in a second…

Illness is the doctor to whom we pay most heed;
to kindness, to knowledge, we make promise only;
pain we obey.
– Marcel Proust

Marcus and Sonya Lopez watched as their daughter Samantha lay sleeping in the hospital bed. The not-so-subtle beeps and chirps of monitors that surrounded the bed, the frequent stop-ins of nurses to check stats, look over the IV fluids, reassure the parents that Samantha would be going home soon – all were just constant reminders that life was never going to be “normal” for this family of four. The Lopez, college sweethearts, never anticipated the what-if that included their oldest child having to contend with sickness. While their youngest child was the picture of health, “Samantha” was born facing this challenge. This was yet another one of many surgeries Samantha had to contend with. Every few years surgeries were needed. Marcus and Sonya would do as any parent, and always pursue the best possible treatment, for the best opportunities to see Samantha thrive. Frequent were the visits to doctors, clinics, physical therapist and more Week-long hospital stays were often, with days of catch-up afterwords.

An illness in the family, affects the whole family…

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) provides a lifeline of support by meeting the timely payments for overly-stressed and strained families coping with illness. Whether it is a child like Sammy Lopez, or a spouse or a loved one, the strain of medical care with its plethora of visits and extraneous expenses can take its toll on any family. Having the support of a EDCNB to carry the family through by constant monitoring and handling the financials, is great mental relief.


EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) makes the Lopez life – a little bit simpler.

An illness in the family, impacts the whole family.

Samantha is home now and all smiles, as are her parents Marcus and Sonya. The added buffer of knowing the bills are being paid and not stacking up overlooked in a corner with all the other unopened mail while hospital visits consume every waking moment – is a huge asset. EDCNB is there for families in this situation to provide the lifeline of added hope. Time is crucial and we want to give families facing special health needs some of their precious time – back.


1. Can EDCNB monitor and notify me of unusual increases in cost of care and medical expenses? I am so nervous that if I'm not personally managing things, I will miss something.

Yes. You will receive advance notice of increases from the service provider. And, we provide the second set of eyes to let you know when it has occurred so that there are no surprises. You won’t miss anything.

2. Can EDCNB summarize my tax deductible medical costs at tax time? A big portion of my income is covering medical costs.

Yes. We do tax organizing. We provide details of all tax deductible expenses and will send them to your accountant for tax preparation.

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