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Actively Retired

Retirement for the Matz
is a continuation of fun pursuits

The trouble with retirement
is that you never get a day off.
– Abe Lemons

Retired couple

Andy and his wife Jan Matz moved to the Carolina’s following long careers. Andy worked in marketing for the automotive industry, while Jan was a school teacher. They worked hard both in their careers and in raising 3 daughters, and will work equally hard at enjoying their “retirement” years together. They have eagerly anticipated these golden years and are prepared to enjoy them with the financial stability to support their new-found freedom. The fun pursuits together continues.

Unrestrained living…

Having lived responsibly all their lives, the Matz are ready to retire and simply enjoy each moment to its fullest. Though Andy has no problem managing his financial affairs, balancing a checkbook and paying bills robs him of opportunities to do other, more personally preferable things. Whether that is fishing with Jan in the local lake, or anything-else-he-pleases, it is THEIR time – and they want to fully enjoy it. Unencumbered. Free.


EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) makes the Matz life – easier.

Retirement means more time to enjoy the things that matter most.... like family.

The Matz can remain in control without the hassle of dealing with the day to day finances. With EDCNB managing their finances the Matz are able to enjoy more of the independence they desire by entrusting the daily financial tasks to EDCNB – a reliable 3rd party who can act on their behalf.

Fishing tackle box

So while neither of the Matz mind working, they are free to work on the things of their choosing, things that matter to them (volunteering, gardening and other hobbies). EDCNB on their side means they can be confident that a 3rd party will handle the financial responsibility with an even greater oversight and level of care than they managed to do for umpteen years. If you are actively in pursuit of “the good life” for your golden years, hire EDCNB to give you some freedom back to do something YOU want.

Whether that something involves hitting a little dimpled white ball, or casting a line in pursuit of the ellusive nibble, or traveling the world in search of new adventure. Retirement has NOTHING to do with sitting still (unless that is what you want to do)! EDCNB will free you up from the drudgery of managing your daily finances and return some freedom for the personal pursuits of Active Retirement.


1. How can EDCNB make my life easier?

We oversee all the details freeing up your time to do the things you like to do.

2. What do you mean by "even greater oversight"?

It is important for us to understand what is entailed in managing your finances.  We have the checks and balances in place to ensure we miss nothing.  Having a second set of eyes ensures that we catch transactions that look odd and bring it to your attention.

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