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When life can't get any busier, and you become the primary overseer of your parents financial concerns... EDCNB is here to help.

Adult Child Role Reversal

Marcy Stevens,
busy mom and wife,
needed an intervention
handling her Mom’s finances.

Motherhood is a great honor and privilege,
yet it is also synonymous with servanthood.
Every day women are called upon
to selflessly meet the needs of their families.
– Charles Stanley

Marcy Stevens is busy. With a husband, a teenage daughter still at home and a full time career, she was not anticipating having to take over the living decisions and financial responsibilities of her mother. That is her Mom in the picture. When Marcy’s father passed away just 6-months before, she did not realize how involved she was going to have to be in her Mom’s life. Mom moved into a great Assisted Living facility shortly after Pops died. But Marcy, as much as she loved her mom, was not good with it. It was daily a new thing to contend with. Sure, Mom could be a bit forgetful, but it seemed there was some onset dementia already showing up and that was a bit problematic. Mom forgot to take her pills. Mom forgot to turn the stove off. While the Assisted Living facility addressed those concerns, Mom just wasn’t going to be able to handle her bills – so, it was Marcy’s problem to deal with.

Adult Child Parent Financial Management…

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) comes to the rescue. EDCNBis able to organize the paperwork and set up a system that is easy for the Adult Child like Marcy to monitor. EDCNB becomes a trusted 3rd party removing the stress of financial management from already hectic lives.

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB)
makes Marcy Stevens life easier.

Roll Reversal can be a challenge. With EDCNB helping with the financial concerns, you are free to enjoy life.

Though still struggling with providing her Mom with the right measure of independence that she is able to handle – Marcy wrestles daily with meeting the needs of her teenage daughter and her senior citizen Mom. Their daily demands were equal in personal importance.


With Marcy having the satisfaction of knowing her Mom was well cared for by the Assisted Living facility, and that bills for Mom were being professionally managed by EDCNB – it meant therewere a few less thing on her plate, and more time to help her daughter traverse the rocky years of being a teenager. It meant just a little bit more for time for herself… her husband… her daughter – and that was worth every penny! Every single one.


1. If my parent's health declines and I have more expenses, will EDCNB sit down with me and reassess my financial priorities?

Yes. It is important to review your financial priorities on a regular basis.

2. How do you handle long distance clients?

If you are an Adult Child managing the finances for you parent from afar, we can work with you. We can communicate via telephone, email, Skype. And we can meet with you in person when you come to visit your parent. You will have easy access to all your parent’s documents.

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