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Alone Again (Divorced)

Learning to
live solo again.

In solitude the mind gains strength
and learns to lean upon itself.
– Laurence Sterne

Suzanne Epps, mother of one son who is the love and light of her life, the now very teenage Maxfield Junior (Max to everyone else). “Oh Max…” Suzy would regularly sigh, “what are we going to do with you?” The pang of that word so very familiar, but now so foreign still hung on her lips. There was no more “we” in the equation. Maxfield Senior had decided to walk out of their lives, leaving these two to work their way through divorce and the ugly baggage it brought. The changes, the challenges of meeting the now unshared responsibilities… Maxfield Sr. had always handled paying the bills and managing the finances, now here Suzy sat going through the pile of collecting mail to sort it out and make heads or tails of it all.

Learning to live solo, again…

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) relieves people in Suzy’s shoes by putting a plan together that entails managing the day-to-day finances. While she had not anticipated this change in their lives, EDCNB was able to step in and handle the oversight, management and timely payment of her recurring expenses without a hiccup – freeing Suzy and Max time to pursue other interest, adjust to new routines and not have to be grounded by financial indecision that often comes without proper guidance and support.


EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) makes the Epps life – easier.

Retirement means more time to enjoy the things that matter most.... like family.

Suzy is doing well. She and Max have taken up playing Xbox together, discussing the “girl dilemma” over pizza night, and planning their next trip to the beach. Suzy joined a book club (reading literary classics and discussing them). Together they have found their new normal and are sharing in some of the “around-the-house” responsibilities – and life is going pretty good. With EDCNB part of the equation, it all adds up quite nicely.


1. I love this idea...but ;will I be able to afford the financial management services EDCNB provides given that I'm a new single parent?

Monthly fees vary from $500 to $2000 depending on simplicity or complexity.

2. Can EDCNB help me identify cost saving opportunities?

Yes, EDCNB not only handles the paying of expenses, but with constant monitoring and oversight can alert you to ways you can save money!

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