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When your career is primary, keep your personal finances in check with EDCNB.

Rigorous Career

When Charlie’s work responsibility
took time from his personal concerns…
that is where EDCNB fits in.

Intelligence without ambition
is like a bird without wings.
– Salvador Dali

rigorous career

Charles Ebert is the CEO of a recently launched tech company that has gained the eyes and interest of several blue-chip companies. He landed this job after dozens of years in management positions with leading tech providers of note. Charlie, as his friends call him, has a wife (Mary) and 2-children (Josie and Amber), a great home in a family-oriented suburban neighborhood, and a full 2-car garage that he can little afford to enjoy due to the rigorous demands of his job. 2 Four-wheelers, 4 mountain bikes, 2 kayaks, a canoe and a date marked in his calendar for hauling the goods to a great place in the mountains for some much needed R&R. When is that date? After the company goes public…

Finding Balance…

Though fulfilled in his job, Charlie is wrestling with the undue stress it applies to the home front. There is simply little extra time at home with the family, and the pressure of watching the company’s every move to keep it on the forefront of potential financial gain – means personal time is put on a back burner.


EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) adds balance back to the Ebert family.

When your rigorous career consumes your time, let your off-work time be all yours
Rediscover home as the place to relax and enjoy living during your rigorous career

Charlie and other people of his ilk earn their way into leadership roles at work (or even running their own firm) and the added responsibilities of work means the loss of time to manage personal concerns. If you find yourself in those shoes, hire EDCNB to give you back some personal freedom – while knowing your financial responsibilities are being properly and professionally managed. If you, like Charlie, could use a service like EDCNB offers to gain back some freedom on the management of personal finances – contact us today to learn more.

EveryDay Checks & Balances (EDCNB) takes the personal details off of Charlie’s shoulders to free him up for stress-free time with the family, friends and activities of HIS choosing. EDCNB provides Charlie (and others like him) with the peace of mind knowing that all their personal finances are handled on a timely basis in a professional manner. In fact, their attention to detail has let Charlie totally unplug when he puts the phone down at night (concerning personal finances.)



1. How long will it take for EDCNB to get up to speed on all the details of our finances?

It should not take more than 1 week upon receipt of specified documents which will enable us to know exactly what to expect and get up to speed.

2. Is EDCNB able to produce financial reports for monitoring?

Yes. EDCNB can produce financial reports/summaries and send them to you so that you can monitor expenses in a more hands-off manner.

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