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How can a Daily Money Manager help you and your family?
We want to enjoy the summer during this unique time, and yet we are thinking about how we can safely protect ourselves and our family. It is difficult to imagine how COVID is affecting every area of our lives. For those who have elderly parents who live at home, care facilities, or are not local, it can be a nightmare. EveryDay Checks & Balances has been just a call or email away to help their clients through this challenging and new normal. Many of EDCNB’s clients depend on their expertise to guide them with their specific and capable services.
As Daily Money Managers, they realize people are spending more money and are having difficulty managing their finances. Over the last few months, everyone has been stocking up on supplies that are experiencing shortages. With the outlay of money on food to prepare for food shortages, electrical items are stretched to the limit of their capacity. Refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, and dishwashers are needing repairs or replacements. Exhausting finances to their limits, mismanaging of money due to fear, online purchases out of boredom, it is clear that a DMM is crucial, especially now.

How can you manage your finances when you need to spend more than you are taking in?
Anne Seline explains, “It is essential for the elderly and their families, to connect with a Daily Money Manager, to make suggestions to protect their finances and create a plan of action. At EveryDay Checks & Balances, we create a plan and, additionally, take it one step further, to ensure that your finances are protected. It is easy to see how the elderly can mismanage their money during this time. At EDCNB, we have several special projects to assist our clients who have been quarantined and unable to leave their homes over the last few months. I believe that guiding, educating, and protecting my clients and their family members is what differentiates us from other Daily Money Managers. This testimonial speaks to our philosophy, ‘We are so thankful to Anne and EDCNB for their interest, care, passion, and expertise, especially during this pandemic. Our family lives in another state, and my mother lives alone, I can sleep at night with the knowledge that my mother is in capable hands, and our finances are protected.’ This testimonial warms my heart. That’s why we are the best at what we do.”

Anne Seline Suggests:

✔ Plan – DMM will pay bills on time avoiding any stop in services or insurances
✔ Backup plan – Ask DMM how to ensure your expenses are being tracked
✔ Emergency steps – If you are quarantined, your relationship with your DMM can be your lifeline
✔ Special Projects – This is a key component to assisting you in your time of need, if you have the right DMM. EveryDay Checks & Balances is that DMM, listening to your specific needs and standing by your side

Our effective services include:

✔ Pay bills – personal and commercial
✔ Reconcile accounts
✔ Manage deposits
✔ Provide income and expense tracking
✔ Provide accurate financial records and quarterly reports
✔ Manage and monitor health insurance and long-term care payments and claims
✔ Provide on-line file storage – EDCNB Secure™
✔ Negotiate with creditors
✔ Organize tax information
✔ Work in tandem with client’s professional advisors

Stay Safe, Be Protected, Be Healthy and Be Protected Financially
EveryDay Checks & Balances
Gives You Peace of Mind and the Gift of Time

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