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In the new year, we want to reflect, project, connect, effect, and use our intellect regarding our loved one’s life and our life. It’s essential to be aware of all the information necessary about finances so we can make informed decisions. Electing to hire a Daily Money Manager and selecting EveryDay Checks & Balances is a great way to start 2020.

The word balance should be on our list of buzzwords for the new year. Balancing our personal and business life is a difficult path to navigate. Additionally, balancing loved one’s lives who are elderly or ill can change the dynamics of how we proceed with our daily choices. For those who are divorced or maybe a loved one has passed away, it can bring another complicated dynamic to your day-to-day finances. Professionals who are too busy to address their daily bills find there just isn’t enough time in their day.

Anne Seline, from EveryDay Checks & Balances, explains to her clients, “Let us help you balance your life while we pay your bills promptly, while your accounts are monitored 24/7 and have the security and knowledge that you are in trustworthy hands.”

EDCNB Services:

  • Pay bills – personal and commercial
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Manage deposits
  • Provide income and expense tracking
  • Provide accurate financial records and quarterly reports
  • Manage and monitor health insurance and long-term care payments and claims
  • Provide on-line file storage – EDCNB Secure™
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Organize tax information
  • Work in tandem with client’s professional advisors

EDCNB guides their clients as they seamlessly assist them in balancing their lives in 2020. Their expertise is unmatched and their advice is priceless.

EveryDay Checks & Balances Gives You Peace of Mind and the Gift of Time

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