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When it’s time for the Academy Awards, the nominees prepare, walk the Red Carpet, hear the results, get emotional, and the finale is filled with anticipation about what’s next.

As Daily Money Managers, EveryDay Checks & Balances receives many accolades from both their clients and other professionals. They are known for their expertise to advise clients to navigate and find solutions for one very important question, “How can I manage finances for my family members or myself?“

Many professionals recommend EDCNB, and the following testimonial (from an attorney) speaks volumes about owner Anne Seline, “You’re a really amazing person.  Everything you do for you client has been life changing.” This comment has been echoed by many others. For this reason, EveryDay Checks & Balances is thought of as so much more than just Daily Money Managers. Some consider them as if they are part of their family.
One client stated, “EDCNB was there from the beginning picking up the pieces when everything was falling apart. They held my hand and organized my finances. They accomplished all of this while making me feel that I was never alone.”

Imagine, one day your life gets turned upside down by a family emergency or catastrophe.

One possible scenario:  you are a busy professional and time is a commodity.  The bills are piling up and there is absolutely no time in your day to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of your finances.

Another scenario: you are a caregiver to an elderly parent(s) or a special needs child/adult and faced with the enormous obligation of bill paying for your loved one.

Many clients are widowed, divorced, or single and need assistance with all aspects of their finances.

Here’s how EveryDay Checks & Balances’ services can assist you:
✔Pay bills
✔ Maintain accurate account balances
✔ Reconcile accounts
✔ Track income and expenses
✔ Manage all aspects of financial documentation – receiving, storage, and shredding
✔ Provide user-friendly methods for clients to access their documents
✔ Financial information available 24/7

Walking the walk, talking the talk, being present whenever needed makes hiring EveryDay Checks & Balances a WIN WIN!

We Give You Peace of Mind And The Gift Of Time!

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