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The weather this fall has been tumultuous, causing many people to be concerned about paying their bills on time. Unable to leave their homes with conditions preventing them from handling their day-to-day bill paying, driving to the bank and making deposits.

What is the solution?

As #DailyMoneyManagers, EveryDay Checks & Balances assists their clients by resolving thees problems, while creating the best strategies for them.

Many parts of the country have been inundated with severe weather patterns and the result can cause the following to occur:

✔ No electricity
✔ No phone or internet service
✔ Loss of property
✔ Important papers are damaged or lost
✔ Transportation isn’t possible

How can a Daily Money Manager help mitigate the results of these events? Everyday Checks & Balances can:

✔ Assure our clients that all bills are paid on time and take the necessary steps to avoid any lapse in coverage and payments
✔ Organize all of our clients’ important papers and ensure that they can be accessed at any time
✔ Have plans to set into motion if our clients can’t reach their financial professionals. We relieve our clients stress and worry.

We are the cavalry – our clients have confidence that we will ride in and save the day

It is essential that a plan is in place before the emergency occurs. Many of our clients consist of the following:

❖ Busy Professionals
❖ Elderly
❖ Caregivers
❖ Single/ Divorced/ Widowed
❖ Disabled at any age
❖ Those who need someone to help organize their finances

We all can imagine how an emergency can derail all of our good intentions. Having the best professionals on your side is priceless. While we can’t depend on Mother Nature to follow a plan, you can always count on Everyday Checks & Balances to give you #PeaceOfMind and the #GiftofTime.