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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are national holidays celebrated across America. During the holidays, we experience a variety of emotions and it is difficult to envision that our parents are aging right before our eyes. EVERYDAY CHECKS & BALANCES is known for their TLC; holding their client’s hands through the decision- making process.

Could this scenario happen to you?

The unimaginable has happened, you are now in control of your family member’s finances. It is imperative to decide, at any given moment, the necessary course of action. The best way to navigate these critical issues is to hire a Daily Money Manager. This call to action is in EVERYDAY CHECKS & BALANCES wheelhouse and we rise to the occasion.

Many of our clients are balancing hectic days with their core families. Whether driving their children to sports and weekend commitments, working, and everyday chores, it is a balancing act. The demands of being a caregiver can be overwhelming and frightening. Does this ring a bell? Many times our clients feel as if they are being pulled in every direction and not sure where to begin. The course of action may not be clear at this time. Calling an expert will assist you and guide you toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

These suggestions may put you at ease:

First and foremost – You are NOT alone
If possible – reach out to a Daily Money Manager to guide you through this emotional and difficult rollercoaster
Organization is helpful – organize any pertinent paperwork
Are your parent’s writing checks and don’t have an accurate account of their balance?

It is imperative to speak with a Daily Money Manager to guide you on the correct steps to follow and place you and your family members on the right path

Are your parents receiving spam phone calls? This is very scary and can cost you much more than a phone call

At EVERYDAY CHECKS & BALANCES, we have the expertise to answer your questions, lead you on the road to success, and always Providing you Peace of Mind and the Gift of Time.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day. Your loved ones are our PRIORITY!

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