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January is the perfect time to reassess your bill paying process and daily financial matters. EveryDay Checks & Balances recognizes this and offers their clients a unique and personalized service. Did you or a family member start the new year with piles of bills that were unpaid, disorganized financial records and causing stress for everyone? A Daily Money Manager can perform tasks their clients are unable to accomplish.

Today, many of us lead very busy lives. If you are in the throes of a divorce, single, retired, have lost your spouse, a caregiver for a family member who is aging or has special needs, EveryDay Checks & Balances is available to guide you during this challenging time. While it is difficult to observe our family members struggle and admit that they are no longer capable of being autonomous, it is reassuring to know there are professionals who can help.

We suggest taking the first step and start the new year talking with a Daily Money Manager who can answer your important questions. At EveryDay Checks & Balances, we give you PEACE OF MIND AND THE GIFT OF TIME.

Strategies we recommend include:

  • Begin the New Year with an organized plan of action to improve managing daily finances.
  • Before the bills become overwhelming and late fees ensue, call EveryDay Checks & Balances and they will give you the solution and the resolution.
  • Bottom line – monitoring and organizing daily financial matters can be liberating.
  • Busy? No problem, a Daily Money Manager is the answer! Offering security as they maintain your financial affairs.
  • Being a proactive caregiver allows you and your family member to navigate the services Everyday Checks & Balances provides.
  • Breathe! We listen to our clients and hold their hand while creating a tailor-made plan that best suits their needs.